Athletic Letter

Greetings Thoroughbred Fans,

As we embark on another exciting school year of providing rigorous academics, extracurricular prospects, and competitive athletics, I want to welcome you to South Aiken High School, home of the Mighty Thoroughbreds.  Our competitive drive is something we demonstrate in our walk daily as Thoroughbreds, is represented in our belief that all truly means all, and is exhibited every time and everywhere South Aiken is on display.

The support of our fans and community is appreciated and is a significant reason why we are who we are. We have nothing but gratitude for your commitment to South Aiken.  Commitment is also a characteristic embodied by our players, coaches, and support staff and is a point of admiration we can all confess with pride.  South Aiken Fans, let us be consistent in uplifting and encouraging our young people as they strive for excellence and good sportsmanship.  Let us collectively impress upon our students the importance of being good role models who exemplify good character and understand the gravity of being a good leader.

In closing, I want to encourage everyone to join and become active participants in the South Aiken PTO and Athletic Booster Club.  To be successful, our students need all of us to be ONE TEAM!  On behalf of the coaches, faculty, and staff at South Aiken, I want to thank you for the support you provide us and for allowing us to work with your children.  It is an honor and a privilege to be a Thoroughbred!!

Go T-Breds!!

Sam Fuller, Principal

#PonyUp #AllMeansAll #WeBELIEVE